Colorado Early Childhood Investment Model
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In 2011, the Finance and Economic Development Committee of the Early Childhood Leadership Commission (ECLC) began with a question, “How much funding is available for early childhood supports and services in Colorado?” To answer this question, the ECLC launched the Colorado Early Investment Model project.

Developed through partnerships with public and private data experts, content reviewers, and beta testers, the Colorado Early Investment Model is a free, transparent, publically available tool that provides program enrollment and cost data. More so, the model allows users to change access and quality in programs to understand the connections between enrollment, cost, quality, and return on investment.

By incorporating State and Federally funded programs that serve high-risk children, the model not only focuses on populations with the most need but also areas where investment may have the greatest impact. This allows Colorado to strategically invest in improved outcomes for children and supports for families.

“Investing in early childhood development for disadvantaged children helps reverse the trend of rising economic inequality, of Americans driving the same roads but living in two different worlds. The context in which to place these benefits is not simply our current economic malaise, but our aspirations for a better future. This is an investment that builds up-on itself as it builds American achievement and prosperity for generations to come.”

-James Heckman

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